Tiling Outdoors

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Most people presume tiles are only suitable for indoors on floors such as bathrooms, kitchens and such. However, tiles especially natural stoned tiles can be used outdoors to great effect. Not really suitable for driveways due to the weight of heavy vehicles on them but can most certainly be used on a patio or terrace area.


We recommend using a natural stone tile since the sun and weather will have an impact on ceramic or manufactured concrete tiles. Natural stone will not fade and will withstand any type of the weather conditions in Ireland.

Porcelain, slate and marble tiles are the most common type for any patio area. They can be laid quite similarly on a patio as you would with block paving and brick paving but laid instead on top of a bed waterproof adhesive. Cement is not suitable for bonding natural stone and if you do choose to use a cement product, make sure to use a slurry primer to provide extra adhesive bonding to the stone.


Not sure? Find any quality patio installer and they can go through the options with you.


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